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Copper / Silver

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  • Optimum Composition and organization of the
    alloy allows a long life of the electrode and high efficiency

  • Under both the semi - Finishing machining condition
    and the rough machining condition,machining ability is
    improved greatly

name chemical content (%) density (g/cm3) resistance max Ѣµl,cm iacs (%) min hardness (hb)
  cu w        
60w/cu 40 60 12.75 3.7 47 140
70w/cu 30 70 13.8 4.1 42 180
75w/cu 25 75 14.5 4.5 38 200
80w/cu 20 80 15.1 5 34 220
85w/cu 15 85 15.9 5.7 30 240
90w/cu 10 90 16.75 6.5 27 260

O.D/Length O.D /LENGTH O.D/Length O.D /LENGTH
CTR010 STR010 CTS010 STS010
CTR020 STR020 CTS020 STS020
CTR030 STR030 CTS030 STS030
CTR040 STR040 CTS040 STS040
CTR050 STR050 CTS050 STS050
CTR060 STR060 CTS060 STS060
CTR070 STR070 CTS070 STS070
CTR080 STR080 CTS080 STS080
CTR090 STR090 CTS090 STS090
CTR0100 STR0100 CTS0100 STS0100
CTR0110 STR0110 CTS0110 STS0110
CTR0120 STR0120 CTS0120 STS0120
CTR0130 STR0130 CTS0130 STS0130
CTR0140 STR0140 CTS0140 STS0140
CTR0150 STR0150 CTS0150 STS0150
CTR0160 STR0160 CTS0160 STS0160
CTR0170 STR0170 CTS0170 STS0170
CTR0180 STR0180 CTS0180 STS0180
CTR190 STR0190 CTS0190 STS0190
CTR0200 STR0200 CTS0200 STS0200
CTR0250 STR0250 CTS0250 STS0250
CTR0300 STR0300 CTS0300 STS0300
CTR0350 STR0350 CTS0350 STS0350
CTR0400 STR0400 CTS0400 STS0400
CTR0450 STR0450 CTS0450 STS0450
CTR0500 STR0500 CTS0500 STS0500
CTR0550 STR0550 CTS0550 STS0550
CTR0600 STR0600 CTS0660 STS0600
CTR0650 STR0650 CTS0650 STS0650
CTR0700 STR0700 CTS0700 STS0700
CTR0750 STR0750 CTS0750 STS0750
CTR0800 STR0800 CTS0800 STS0800
CTR0850 STR0850 CTS0850 STS0850
CTR0900 STR0900 CTS0900 STS0900
CTR0950 STR0950 CTS0950 STS0950
CTR01000 STR01000 CTS01000 STS01000

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