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Rigid Structure and Accurate Machining Ability
▲The MV series is built with strengthened MEEHANITE® casting iron and strict scraper work.
▲ High rigidity of structure and precise feed rate system ensure the best support and accuracy. 
▲ This is also the most durable machine tool for its integrated casting construction.
The Best Dynamic Accuracy During High Speed Movement
▲Direct coupled axial servo motor eliminates backlash and ensures the best accuracy and efficiency. 
▲Pre-tensioned design ensures the dynamic accuracy in high speed movement.
High Speed, High Precision Spindle
▲With the precise angular contact bearings, the spindle display high speed and high precision. The maximum speed of spindle is at 8,000rpm. (opt. 10,000rpm)
▲Optionally, the Hi-Lo Gear Transmission box can be offered to higher torque output requirements, and its maximum speed is at 8,000rpm. (opt. 10,000rpm)
Fast & Reliable ATC System
▲Two types of ATC unit are available for different job requirements.
▲The 20T carousel type arm-less system is economical, effective and safe because it is specially designed with detachable holder jaws and power spring clip, and is independently posted. The protection lid of tool magazine is added to stop chips and dusts, which essures the cleanliness of tools.
▲The optional 24T/30T arm type system is driven by roller gear cam and displays features of high speed and reliability. This optional accessory lowers the idle time and enhances the machining efficiency.
High Rigidity Feed System of the Best Force Flow Design
▲The wide span 650mm Y-axis base with rigid dual-wall saddle and the V-rib designed base of 860mm anchor bolt pitch fully support the X-axis movement for the most dynamic accuracy. 
▲The no counter weight design Z-axis makes the rapid peck drilling and Z-axis rapid movement at extreme smoothness and utmost machining accuracy. 
▲The 510mm of Y-axis travel meets the requirements of die mold industries and job shops. 
▲Modulized spindles with speeds up to 8,000 rpm (Optional 10,000 rpm), can be coupled with gear box thus increasing low speed torque.
▲Eco-friendly design completely separates the lubricant and coolant which saves the cost of operation and maintenance. 
▲The machine can be loaded within standard HQ container and save the cost of ocean freight.
The Outside Supporting Design of Z-axis
▲The best L/W ratio.
▲The utmost cutting rigidity.
▲Smooth movement of Z-axis.


Model MV76A
Spindle Speed (opt.) rpm 8,000 (10,000)  
Max. Spindle Power (opt.) kW 11 (15)  
Spindle Taper BT40  
X-axis Travel mm 762  
Y-axis Travel mm 510  
Z-axis Travel mm 560  
Distance Between Spindle Nose & Table Top mm 120~680  
Table Size mm 915 x 560  
No. T-slots x Size x Pitch mm 5 x 18 x 100  
Max. Load on Table kg 500  
Rapid Feedrate (X/Y/Z) m/min. 30/30/24  
Cutting Feedrate mm/min. 1~10,000  
Tool Magazine Capacity (opt.) T 20 (24/30)  
Max. Tool Weight kg 6  
Max. Tool Dimensions mm ø95 x 300  
Pneumatic Supplier kg/c㎡ 5.5  
Power Consumption (Transformer) kVA 25 (25)  
Machine Weight kg 5,100  
The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc. to improve the performance of the machine without notice. All the specifications shown above are just for reference. 
Model MV76A
Tool Kit
Work Lamp
Pilot Lamp
Coolant Gun
Coolant Equipment System
Cuttng Air Blast
Spindle Air Blast
Spindle Air Seal
Central Lubrication System
Oil Skimmer
Coolant Through Spindle System
Foundation Bolts
Leveling Blocks and Bolts
Oil-Mist Coolant System
Oil Hole Holder Function
Chips Flush Coolant System
Chip Conveyor
Workpiece Measurement System
Automatic Power Off Device
Heat Exchanger for Electrical Cabinet
A/C. Cooler for Electrical Cabinet
Mechanical, Electrical & Operating Manuals
Rigid Tapping
Guideway Cover (X,Y,Z)
Optical Scale
Automatic Door
Safety Door
4th Axis Rotary Table
Spindle Cooling System
Heavy Duty Coolant Pump
Auto Tool Length Measurement System
Full Chip Enclosure
Chip Enclosure
Circular Coolant Nozzle
Screw Type Chip Conveyor
Automatic Pallet Changer (A.P.C.)
Air Gun
Hydraulic System
Oil-mist Collector
Hi-low Gear Transmission
Tool Breakage Detector
Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Machine Height 250mm More
Automatic Tool Change
STC Plus
Paper Filter
Sub Table
CNC Control:MXP-200B
CNC Control:MXP-200C
CNC Control:XP300S
CNC Control:FANUC 18i-MB
CNC Control:MXP-100i
CNC Control:FANUC 0iMD
The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc. to improve the performance of the machine without notice. All the specifications shown above are just for reference. 

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