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Fast and Reliable Spindle
▲4500rpm spindle speed is standard with 2-step gear transmission. The spindle incorporates dual oversized roller type spindle bearing that offers extremely high cutting rigidity. (as shown in the figure) 
▲The optional 6000rpm spindle design incorporates 2-step gear transmission that directly drives the heavy duty spindle. Complimented with a high powered AC digital spindle motor and oversized ceramic roller type spindle bearings, the 6000rpm spindle is capable of reaching 22kW. 
▲The optional 22kW powerful motor which can reach 10000rpm of spindle speed. Oil-air lubricaion is suitable for any high speed applicaions. 
▲The optional German-made WEISS integral spindle with HSK-100 integral motor achieves maximum 15000rpm spindle speed and efficient cutting ability. Its good dynamic balance and rigidity are suitable for any requirement of high speed machining.
Superb Body Structure
▲Reinforced body structure through FEM analysis offers superb cutting rigidity and extends tool life. 
▲Y-axis is supported by 3 oversized roller type guideways to reinforce cutting rigidity in both axial and radial direction. Two roller guides are assembled on the face of the bridge. The third one is on the tope of the bridge to enhance the holding force on the headstock. 
▲X-axis is designed with over-sized roller type guideway and 15 sliders to support heavy workpiece. 
▲The whole work table is assembled on the base so there is no hanging problem.
Roller Bearings Linear Motion Guides
▲Low friction for motion smoothness. 
▲Dynamic and stable load-bearing capacity. 
▲Superior geometric accuracy and surface quality. 
▲Better anti-vibration behavior to extend tool life.
Z-axis Hardened & Ground Boxway
The female type boxway allows the weight of ram to be uniformly distributed through the dual gibs. This provides better cutting rigidity and smoother ram movement during 3D contour operations. The covering length is 20% longer than the hanging length which offers high cutting rigidity and absorbs vibration.


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