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Sturdy Structure With Multiple Features

The Manford Double Column machines DL3019 is engineered especially for the production of molds and dies for various industries such as automobiles, oil refinery,power generator and so on.Outstanding features of DL3019 satisfy quality-demanding customers in all aspect,the efficient and easy-to-operate cutting performance reduces machining time and in addition, with quality surface finish

Stepped cross beam

Outstanding torsion-resistance capability

Table Design-Low Center of Gravity

Easy accessibility for workpiece handling.

Designed for High Performance

Symmetric Design
The structure of ram assembly is sophisticated calculated in symmetric form.During long time machining, the thermo deformation phenomenon is minimized due to the machine heat is evenly sprayed.

Auxiliary box guide ways on Z-axis

Optimum axial rigidity
The majority of cutting vibration is absorbed by Z-axis.For the maximum damping coefficient, in addition to the heavy duty linear roller guide ways,the hardened box ways are added to the head stock ram of machine.

Two-Step gear Transmission

Superb heavy cutting performance
Featuring high torque output during low speed range, the standard two-step gearbox powered by high performance servo motor provides continuous cutting force for the best machining efficiency.

Versatility, Flexibility and Efficiency

Milling Head Changer
Additional Application Versatility
Various milling heads can be semi-automatically attached to the spindle:
1.Right Angle Milling Head
2.Universal Milling Head
3.Angular Milling Head
4.Extension Milling Head

Reliable Automatic Tool Changer
Manford Double Column Machining Centers adopts chain type automatic tool changer, which is side-mounted on the machine base, the independent structure avoids splashes from cutting chips or coolant.

Lift-up type chip conveyor(optional)

Volumetric Lubrication Oil Distributor
The lubrication oil pipe is made of copper instead of plastic or aluminum, featuring long term chemical stability that prevents the oil pipes being clogged resulting in severe damage caused by Sideways' lubrication failure.

Twin Chip Auger
The Twin Chip Auger automatically removes chips from the machine.

Standard Accessories
  • Coolant System
  • Full Guarding
  • Leveling Bolts and Blocks
  • Centralized automatic lubrication system(LHL)
  • Automatic power off
  • Adjusting bolts and blocks
  • Air blasts through spindle
  • Program Light
  • Tools and Box
  • Spindle oil cooler
  • Remote handwheel
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Screw Type chip conveyor
  • RJ-45 interface
  • External encoder on XYZ axes
  • Rigid Tapping
  • Central Lubrication System
  • Quartz working lamp
  • Pilot Lamp
  • Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet
  • Twin chip auger
  • Spindle Oil Cooler
  • Spindle Cone air blow
  • MPG
  • Leveling Bolts and pads
  • Tool Box
Optional Accessories
  • Sub tables
  • Manual (Auto) position
  • 90 degree milling head
  • Air Conditioner for electrical box
  • Linear scales(X/Y/Z)
  • Oil through tool holder
  • Foot pedal for manual tool unload
  • Cutting fluid auto spray system
  • Cutting fluid nozzle control system
  • Heat Compensation
  • CTS

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