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Permanent-electro battery operated magnetic modules, remotely controllable

How to combine the power and convenience of a permanent-electro lifter with the practicality and flexibility of use of a manual lifter? The BatGrip modules are designed for the easy handling of flat loads, blocks and round. They are safe, as they use permanent-electro technology; in case of power failure the load remains clamped to the module, without any loss of magnetic force. They are light and compact; their weight does not significantly penalize the capacity of the crane.

BatGrip is supplied with a built-in battery pack, which allows total autonomy from power sources, and therefore the possibility of use on cranes or hoists, also not powered.

Thanks to permanent-electro technology, the consumption is limited to the activation and deactivation phases only, lasting a few seconds. A benefit of the system’s autonomy is that the batteries, under normal conditions of use, allow you to perform more than 500 loading / unloading operations.

The advantages of a system BatGrip

  • 1 operator is able to complete the entire clamping, handling and release operations
  • Radio control for remote activation, range 30 m
  • The tubular bar that surrounds the module allows an easy handling of the module and protects the structure
  • Dautanac system to prevent demagnetization during handling.
BatGrip model Minimum thickness (mm)Ø min (mm) Length max (mm) Max load plate (kg) Max load round (kg)
BatGrip 300 25 150 3.000 3.000 700

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