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  • DRILLTAP is an integrated drilling and tapping arm equipped with a mature system developed with an articulated arm to combine advantage of vertical driller with floating tapping arm together, which gives maximum working efficiency and versatile.
  • The structure is designed with a technology that can provide smooth and quick placements, ensuring rigidity and precision during machining operations.
  • The user-friendly control system has not only practical touch-screen interface but also thorough program.
  • The modular tapping head has interchangeable tapping capacity of M20, M30 and M40, it can set torque, speed, depth without the need of manually tracking.

Main Features of D33085045

  • Application and satisfaction by function- drilling and tapping at same machine and same time, saving investment and setting time.
  • Rigidity and Precise by structure-Durable capstan lift up and down on column, all the joints of have a lock to stabilize arm in Z and Y axis
  • Simple and User friendly by System-Touch screen includes multiple operation requirements with TAIPU 25 years experience in the industry, which makes your work more intelligentized.

Standard Configuration

  •  D 33085045 DRILLTAP machine with touch screen control system 
  • 1 drilling set to drill M3-M16
  • 1 tapping set to tap M5-M20
  • 6 collets φ 19 for DIN,ISO,JIS and ANSI free (customize available)
  • 4 pieces installation tools

Optional Parts

  • Working Table: 1200×800×1000mm (Net weight 180kgs)
  • M6-M32 tapping modular 
  • External magnet spry lubricator (recommend) 
  • Chamfering, Reaming tools

Package Information:

  • Packed by sea worth non-fumigation wooden box
  • Net weight : 140 kgs Gross weight: 150 kgs
  •  Box size: 840*770*470 mm
Working radius reach 1300 mm ( C 51 inch)
Height reach 1200 mm (F+G+H 47 inch)
Capacity from M8 to M42 (1/4-1 7/8 inch)
Adjustable torque 600 N.m (450 ft/lbs)
Stable speed 0-30/0-100 RPM
Quick-change chuck Φ48 mm
Power of motor single phase 220 Voltage 1.5 kw

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