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  • Provide 9 sets material with multi electrode size condition & setting save function.
  • Z-axis auto zero function easy for monitor cutting depth.
  • Z-axis end of sparking with auto move up function reduce operation step.
  • Sparking depth electrode consumption estimates setting function.
  • Reduce start hole sparking burr function.
  • Reduce infourt hole size difference function.
  • Standard with 3 axix build in Digital Read Out display.
  • Provide each axis zero key function
  • Inch/mm display function.
  • Z-axis use AC servo motor.
Work table size (WxD) 450 x 210 mm
X/Y axes travel 300 x 200 mm
Z axis travel 350 mm
W axis Travel + Manual Guide Travel 0 + 150 mm
Electrode size Ø 0.3 ~ Ø 3.0 mm
Maxi. electrode length 400 mm
Maxi. workpiece height 150 mm
Maxi. workpiece weight 150 kg
Machine weight 930 kg
Input power 4.0 KVA
Machine dimension 1450 x 1250 x 2100 mm

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