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MAXXI: crossbeams equipped with MaxX lifters

The MAXXI crossbeams come from Tecnomagnete’s experience in developing solutions for the handling of ferrous loads. The legendary quality and reliability of MaxX lifters is combined with a durable and lightweight tubular structure.

Hooked to the crane, they are light and compact;: their weight does not penalize the capacity of the crane.
MAXXI can be activated with a simple movement of the lever; they clamp the load with force, but without damaging or deforming it.

The range includes several solutions to meet the typical needs of carpentry, workshop and sheet metal cutting businesses. The special version / R is designed for handling tubes with weights up to 1200kg.

The advantages of the MAXXI

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy, fast, convenient
  • Safety factor 1: 3
  • No electrical connection, no maintenance.

EasyLift: lifting systems for low thickness metal sheets

EasyLift offers a versatile solution for the lifting of plates with thickness from 1.5 mm. Handling a sheet with the traditional methods (hooks, ropes, chains) can lead to bending and deformation of the load, making the operation unstable and dangerous.

With EasyLift the sheet is raised from the top, with ease, without damage. It is ideal in carpentry and for feeding cutting systems in all situations where the handling time is critical. The compact size and the low weight allow operation in reduced operating space, maximizing the capacity of the crane.

The advantages of EasyLift systems

  • Clamp automatically a single sheet from the stack, without spacers
  • 1 operator is able to quickly complete pickup, handling and release phases
  • They are permanent-electro and therefore insensitive to power outages; total safety for personnel and equipment
  • Maintenance free; no need for back-up batteries. No moving parts, no wear
  • Easylift does not leave residual magnetism on the load.
MAXXI model Paired with Thickness Maximum (mm) Width min-max (mm) Length Max (mm) Max load (kg)
MAXXI 300TG MaxX TG150 8 200 - 1.500 1.000 - 4.000 300
MAXXI 600TG MaxX TG300 10 250 - 1.500 1.000 - 4.000 600
MAXXI 1000 MaxX 500 25 250 - 1.500 1.000 - 4.000 1.000
MAXXI 2000 MaxX 1000 40 300 - 2.000 2.000 - 5.000 2.000
MAXXI 3000 MaxX 1500 45 350 - 2.000 2.000 - 5.000 3.000
MAXXI 240 /TU n. 2 MaxX TG300 10 45 - 290 2.000 - 6.000 1.200
MAXXI 1200 /R n. 2 MaxX 1500 30 45 - 500 2.000 - 6.000 1.200
EasyLift model Thickness min (mm) Thickness max (mm) Width min-max (mm) Length max (mm) Max load (flat) (kg)
EL 600 1,5 15 1000 - 2.000 3.000 600

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