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MC Power Vise

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Great Capacity, Wide Clamping Range Constant Full Length
  • Ultra clamping length more than other VMC-vise
  • Big jaw opening.
  • Easy operation, compact design.
  • Even if the jaw is opened, it does not interfere with the cover of the mounting machine.
  • Quick set up, time saving.
  • When jaw is opened, it is not affect mounting machine’s cover.

Flexible clamb system

  • High precision system keep the dimension tolerance within 0.01/100mm.
  • Vise clamps long size workpieces securely & steady.
  • High Accurate System: tolerance within 0.01/100mm.
  • VQC Vise can hold lomg workpiece tight and fixed.

MC Power cises guarantee the lifting of workpiece is within of 0.02/100mm

  • Adapt a blinding beam system with workpiece lift
  • Prevention mechanism. Pull-in effect.
  • Adapt a lift preventing system, best design.

High power & fine balanced body structure stable clamping force

  • The clamping force can be easily adjusted due to the preset mechanism.
  • Mechanical type toggle enhancement mechanism.
  • Clamping force can adjust to suit for different material, such as steel, brass and aluminum.
  • Clamping force can be adjusted for customer’s requirement.
  • Adjustable clamping force device.

Toggle joint devise mechanism.

  • One of the best vise mechanism design
  • After the moveble jaw touch,turning the handle, only the drive shaft is transmitted to the enhancement process of toggle joint device mechanism unit and the movable jaw clamps the work through the clamp spindle at the preset force.
  • Clamp work piece, keep turning the handle, until the motion stop which means VQC mechanism has lock workpiece in the pre-set force.


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