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Stroke of X axis: 1500-6500mm(can be customerized)

Stroke of Y axis: 400mm

Stroke of Z axis: 350mm

Spindle Speed: 24000 rpm

Spindle Taper: BT30 /ISO30

Tool Magazine: Umbrella-type

Tool Magazine Capacity: 8pcs

Position Precision of X axis: 0.05mm

Position Precision of Y/Z axis: 0.02mm

Repeating Position of X/Y/Z axis: ±0.01mm

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Suitable for cutting, drilling, milling, tapping, routing of light profile of aluminium and copper.

BT30 /ISO 30 Spindle

Umbrella shape tool magazine
protection door is optional
welding base

6 Spindle Processing

Complex Gantry Machine Processing

X Axis mm 1500~6500
Y Axis mm 400
Z Axis mm 350
Spindle speed rpm 24000rpm
Spindle taper BT30 /ISO30
Rapids X m/min 60
Rapids Y m/min 28
Rapids Z m/min 28
Positioning precision X mm 0.05
Positioning precision y mm 0.02
Positioning precision z mm 0.02
Repeating precision X mm ±0.01/500
Repeating precision y mm ±0.01/300
Repeating precision z mm ±0.01/300
Tool Magazine
Type / Umbrella-type
Quantity pcs 8
Tool change time sec 5
Axis Motors
Spindle driven motor kw 7.5
X/Y/Z driven motor kw 1.8/1.8/3.0
Lubricating system
Lubricating system Automatic Lubricating
Cooling system Water cooling
Air required Kg/cm² 6
Height mm 2500
Area mm 2500-8500 x2100 mm
Weight kg 2500-6500

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