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PCD Series

3 Axis long-travel moving column machining center
  • Perfect combination of stiffness and dynamics
  • Superb processing capability
  • High rigidity and precision


The PCD model  CNC machining center has capability functions of milling, drilling, and tapping;

PRATIC uses the International CNC controller system for this model.

Machining for various length of metal profile, such as aluminum, steel, copper, etc.

Adopted the double cantilever design structure, increase the equipment stability and improve machining accuracy.

Has a large bevel plate metal organ cover for protection.

The auto chip conveyor is a standard configuration which makes it easier for chip cleaning.

This PCD model is widely used in the industries of electronic appliance, aerospace, railways, machinery parts, etc.

Double-arm movable column structure ensures the high rigidity and precision

The intensified double-arm column structure spreads extra mechanical force from the spindle portal, providing exceptional stability for entire machine tool, reducing vibration effects when the machine is at high-speed machining

Casting iron bed with strong shock absorption capacity and high physical stability


The casting iron machine bed undergoes a perfect heat treatment process to eliminate residual stress, with sufficient reinforcement plates and three rows of supporting feet ensures the gravity rigidity.

Top-class numerical control system with high processing stability

• The Siemens and Fanuc CNC system is adopted

• With powerful functions and full-level data transmission

• Adopts a modular and open architecture design with high scalability

• Increase the flexibility and productivity of the machine tool

Long travel for machining long workpieces or multiple short parts by one clamping

· Standard X-axis travel from 4000 – 6000 mm

· Longer travel up to 10m is optionally customized

· Delivers high productivity and high efficiency

ParticularUnitBT 40BT 50
X-axis mm4000 / 60004000 / 6000
Y-axis mm4000 / 60004000 / 6000
Z-axis mm600600
Maximum speedrpm100008000
TypeUmbrella typeUmbrella type
Capacitypcs 12 pcs6 pcs
Automatic tool change timesec66
Rapid on Xm/min4040
Rapid on Ym/min3030
Rapid on Zm/min2020
X/Y/Z cutting feed ratemm/min1500015000
Rated PowerkW11 | 1315 | 17
X axis Driven MotorkW3.0 | Double 5.2Double 3.0 | Double 5.2
Y axis Driven MotorkW3.0 | 3.13.0 | 3.1
Z Axis Driven MotorkW3.0 | 3.13.0 | 3.1
LUBRICATION AND COOLING SYSTEMLubrication systemAutomatic lubrication systemAutomatic lubrication system
Coolant SystemWater CoolingWater cooling
X-Axis positioning accuracymm0.050.05
Y-Axis positioning accuracymm0.020.02
Z-Axis positioning accuracymm0.020.02
X-Axis repeat positioning accuracymm0.010.01
Y/Z-Axis repeat positioning accuracymm0.010.01
Machine heightmm36003600
Machine covered areamm9500~11500 x 3150/37009500~11500 x 3150/3700
Machine weightkg17000~2300017000~23000

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