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Stroke of X axis: 2500-12500mm(can be customerized)

Stroke of Y axis: 450/580mm

Stroke of Z axis: 450mm

Spindle Speed: 10000/12000 rpm

Spindle Taper: BT40

Tool Magazine: Disc type

Tool Magazine Capacity: 24pcs

Position Precision of X axis: 0.05mm

Position Precision of Y/Z axis: 0.01mm

Repeating Position of X/Y/Z axis: ±0.01mm

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With functions of milling, drilling, tapping, routing, chamfering, applicable for various length of profile of aluminium, iron, steel, etc.

With automatic chip conveyor

BT40 Spindle

With Protection door.

With Disc shape tool magazine

Casting base or welding base optional

Double Head With Double Processing Positions For Car Bumper

Clamp Give Way Automatic When Processing

Areaspace Workpiece Processing

X Axis mm 2500~12500
Y Axis mm 450/580
Z Axis mm 450
Spindle nose to table mm 130~580
Spindle speed rpm 10000/12000
Spindle taper BT40
Working Table
Max weight on working table kg 5000
T-slot Center distance mm 100
Number of T-slot 6
Rapids X m/min 60
Rapids Y m/min 28
Rapids Z m/min 28
Positioning precision X mm 0.05
Positioning precision y mm 0.01
Positioning precision z mm 0.01
Repeating precision X mm ±0.01/500
Repeating precision y mm ±0.01/300
Repeating precision z mm ±0.01/300
Tool Magazine
Type / Disc
Quantity pcs 24
Tool change time sec 2
Axis Motors
Spindle driven motor kw 7.5
Driven motor ( X/Z)kw 3.0
Driven motor (Y)kw 1.8
Lubricating system
Lubricating system Automatic Lubricating
Cooling system Water cooling
Air required Kg/cm² 6
Width mm 3000
Length mm 6400 ~15500
Height mm 3300
Weight Ton 12~22

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