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BSW M12 Air Pneumatic Engine Tapping Tools

  • R31091512 Air Pneumatic Engine Tapping Tools  machine is accumulated with 20 years manufacturing experiences from TAIPU® which gained widespread acceptance in domestically or overseas Pneumatic motor includes lubricator + filter + regulator are matured as basic machine with simple and economical solutions for tapping with unique technical characteristics.
  • R31091512 allows to made different operations with the same machine: TAPPING, SCREWING WITH COUPLE  CONTROL, INSERT POSE/HELICOIL, COUNTERSINKING, REAMING.
  • It is quickly and easily do all the metal holes in the extrusion in much less time than it would have taken in their expensive CNC.

Main Features of R31091512

  • Net weight of machine is less 20 kgs which can be easily relocated in the work piece, the most convenient and easy operation model
  • Due to the rigidity and precise movement of the TAIPU® tapping arm, tapped holes are very high quality and typically gage with a smooth insertion of the go gage and little if any entry of the no-go gage.
  • Quick-change collets 3 to 5 seconds to reduce work time and increase productivity
  • Height adjustable base from 40-60mm which making more working radium. Through the foot and by means of three M8 screws the machine can be fixed to a table or workbench.

Package Information:

  • Packed by sea worth non-fumigation wooden box
  • Net weight : 13 kgs Gross weight: 19 kgs
  • Box size: 670*600*240 mm

Standard Configuration

  • Machine:R31091512 arm, Pneumatic motor, Tapping Head
  • Collects:6 optional collets for DIN,ISO,JIS and ANSI standard
  • Operation instruction in English

Optional Parts

  • Heavy Working Table with 500 kgs loading capacity
  • Magnet base PML-300 for installing machine on any iron/ steel surface.
  • Magnet external spray lubricator
Working radius reach 915 mm (C 36 inch)
Height reach 580 mm (G+H 23 inch)
Capacity from M2 to M12 ( 3/32-7/16 inch)
Adjustable torque 30 N.m (22 ft/lbs)
Stable speed up to 600 RPM
Quick-change chuck Φ19 mm
Power of motor single phase 220 Voltage 1.2 kw

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