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High Perpendicularity tolerance Compact Tapping Machine

  • TAIPU® R32091512 Electrical  Tapping Machine is adapted with high frequency 1.2 kw stepless servo motor w, an independent controller where you can tap up to 0-600 RPM without additional speed modular system like Roscamat required.
  • As a result of this output speeds are available thus allowing adapting the tap speed to every type of material.
  • A NC knob control system has automatic depth stop, which will assist the operator in maintaining consistent thread depths.
  • Unique compact design structure is easy to move on any working parts, especially with PLM-300 magnetic base, it can to be used on any work piece made of steel, so it is also possible to tap holes in large products such as large plates and frames.
  • Only three M8 screws the machine can be fixed to a table or workbench.

Main Features of R32091512 (TP915-12A)

  • Tapping speed from 0-600 r.p.m which is large range of adjustment of tapping speed without the use of additional modules.
  • Unique R & D control system includes depth,speed and imitation mode which is user-friendly operated without experience. 
  • Quick-change collets 3 to 5 seconds, to reduce work time and increase productivity. 
  • Height adjustable base from 40-60mm which making more working radium.  

Package Information:

  • Packed by sea worth non-fumigation wooden box 
  • Net weight : 21 kgs     Gross weight: 28 kgs 
  • Box size:  670*600*240 mm 

Standard Configuration

  • Machine:R32091512 arm, Tapping head and NC operation box 
  • Collects:6 optional collets for DIN,ISO,JIS and ANSI standard
  • Operation instruction in English 

Optional Parts

  • φ 19 Threading Die Holder with depth 50 mm (customization available)
  • φ 19 Chamfering/Reaming/Drilling Holder 
  • Heavy Working Table with 500 kgs loading capacity 
  • Magnet base PML-300 for installing machine on any iron/ steel surface. 
  • Magnet external spray lubricator 
Working radius reach 915 mm (C 36 inch)
Height reach 580 mm (G+H 23 inch)
Capacity from M2 to M12 ( 3/32-7/16 inch)
Adjustable torque 30 N.m (22 ft/lbs)
Stable speed up to 600 RPM
Quick-change chuck Φ19 mm
Power of motor single phase 220 Voltage 1.2 kw

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