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RD 1280H


  • Stafty device for accident drop of the swing arm.
  • Roller bearing at basement is built round a double column provides rigidity and accurancy.
  • Spindle main gear are made of SCM material, allthrough harden andprecision grinding.
  • Bedis solidconstruction, it reinforced by It provides apositive, rocking proof foundation for max.stability.
  • Columnis duplex type, the inner cylinder has athick wall andreinforced by
  • Security devices on the auto. Spindle feed and against arm
+ Hardensteel band for the arm upper guide

Standard Accessory

  • Tools andtool box ‘
  • Coolant pump
  • Machinelamp
  • Table

Optional Accessory

  • Drilltapper set
  • Drillvise


ModelRD 1280H
Cast ironՓ60
Steel Փ25
Cast iron Փ32
Steel Փ85
Cast iron Փ120
Spindle strokg/spindle taper250/MT4
Spindle speeds(rpm)44-1500(12)
Spindle feeds0.05,0.09,0.15
Column diameter 300
Max.distance,spindle center to column1245
Min.distance,spindle center to column330
Horizontal travel of headstock915
Max.distance,base to spindle1230
Min.distance,base to spindle540
M/C ovor height of column2160
M/C height from floor (Max.)2585
Dimension of base (LXMXK)mm1800X700X170
Effective area of table(RXSXT)mm650X500X410
Main drive motor 3HP
Arm elevation motor2HP
Motor for hydraulic clamping device 1HP
Coolant pump1/8HP

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