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  • The handheld unit developed independently is convenient for customer to use (only servo type)
  • High-efficiency and low-loss environmental control system,greatly improve the efficiency, reduce power dissipation.
  • Table Moving Part: X/Y axis adopts three-tier worktable struction guarantees the high cutting accuracy and make sure the table moving smoothly.
  • Multifunction work-piece fixture.
  • Z axis electric lifting.
  • X,Y axis digital read out(DRO)
  • Multiple filtration water tank.
  • Excellent Software with both design and operating function,multi-cutting makes the surface finishing close to brass wed m. Controller can accept & transfer different drawing format, easy to operate, greatly improve the work efficiency.
  • Intelligent database : Not necessary to input the cutting parameters manually, control system works out perfect parameters immediately after inputting job thickness, wire diameter and cutting times.The problem of different job accuracy caused by workers with different experiences wit! be solved.
  • X/Y axis drived by AC servo motors,after correcting by laser interferometer,improve the displacement accuracy and speed, (only servo type)
  • Wire Tension System : Adopts double direction wire tension system, keep the wire tension with same strength during the working time, which can protect the wire and reduce the wire broken possibility.
  • Wire Swing system:The first company in Chinese market that adopts linear guide way,make the swing drum
  • Moves smoothly without any unnecessary abrasion, a void many problems such as big abrasion, wire breaking,wire loosing etc caused by V-shape guide way.
  • Central lubrication system for the whole machine.
  • Taper/angle part:Well-designed high strenth taper device,ensures the displacement accuracy for moving and taper cutting


Machine ModelUnitSR-400S
Table travel (XxYxZ)mm300x400x250
Table size (WxL)mm550x680
Max work-piece weight kg350
Max cutting taper/ Anglemm±6° / 80
Wire diametermm0.16- 0.20
Job accuracy (40 mm thickness SKD-11 1+2 cut)mm±0.005
Max surface finish(40 mm thickness SKD-11 1+2 cut)umRA≤0.8
Positional accuracy mm±0.015 / 300
Power capacityKVA3
Machine dimension (WxLxH)mm1160x1650x1850
Machine weightkg ≈1500
Water tank size (WxLxH)mm700*1000*470
Water tank capacityL≈200
Filter type Aluminum alloy paper element filter (Double pump Filtration)
Working solutionWork solution & Pure water
Numerical controllerS Series
Input power capacity3PH 415V AC 50HZ
CNC SystemWindows 7
Display unitLED Monitor
Water tank sizeW x L x H (mm)1100 x 700 x 670
Drawing formatG Code, dxf, dat, dwg
Data transferUSB unit, LAN cable
Storage file capacity120 GB SSD
Command inputAbsolute / Incremental
InterpolationLinear / circular
Axis control4 axis AC servo (X, Y, U, V) & Z-DC Servo
Least incrementmm0.001
Max jog speed mm/min1000
Pulse typeCPU Control, Adjustable frequency
Operation TypeAutomatic / Manual
Process modeCNC Closed loop
Stable cutting speedmm²/min130

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