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M12 (7/16 inch) CMA Universal Flexibal Air Tapping Machine

  • T31200012 is equipped with a quick-change system and is rotated by compressed air that has previously been filtered and lubricated by a unit for that purpose, easy to install through the foot and by means of three M8 screws the machine can be fixed to a table or workbench.
  • Classical triple balanced articulated arm made entirely of aluminum, reinforced arm structure of (parallelogram) which guarantees to tap fast and precise holes alignment.
  • With swift U60 universal joint, it eases to tap in any angles.
  • T31200012 will help user reduce cycle times and allow him take on even more jobs, also a great option because a part can move through the process more quickly and free up that expensive machine time.

Main Features of T31200012 (TP2000-12P)

  • Triple balanced articulated arm made entirely of special aluminum, which guarantees high stability and a precise holes alignment. 
  • Wide working scope- Allows you to work comfortable with a ray of 2000 mm. 
  • Rotational head to thread in any angle which is really universal tapping. 
  • Quick-change collets 3 to 5 seconds, to reduce work time and increase productivity. 
  • Rebuts materials and construction exceed normal standers providing a lifetime use. 
  • Heavy duty cast aluminum construction with rotational head which allows threading in any position. 

Package Information:

  • Packed by sea worth non-fumigation wooden box 
  • Net weight : 23 kgs           Gross weight:30 kgs 
  • Box size:  1100*530*230 mm 

Standard Configuration

  • Machine:T31200012 Arm, Pneumatic motor, Tapping Head with Universal 
  • Collects:6 optional collets for DIN,ISO,JIS and ANSI standard 
  • Operation instruction in English 

Optional Parts

  • Magnet base (foot) PML-1000 for installing on any iron/ steel surface. 
  • Magnetic position holder Φ19 for checking perpendicularity  ( recommend) 
  • T-groove working table with 500 kgs loading weight (900*600*700 mm) 
Working radius reach 915 mm (C 36 inch)
Height reach 580 mm (G+H 23 inch)
Capacity from M2 to M12 ( 3/32-7/16 inch)
Adjustable torque 30 N.m (22 ft/lbs)
Stable speed up to 600 RPM
Quick-change chuck Φ19 mm
Power of motor single phase 220 Voltage 1.2 kw

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