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6-Axis Coordinate Advance Milling and Drilling Machine (CAMDER)  

  • Suitable for milling, drilling (Deep Hole Drilling) and thread milling of automobile mould and complex machine components. 
  • Currently, the CAMDER series has developed to the fourth generation.
  • The 6-axis CAMDER of WIM is first developed in Asia. 

Best suitable for lifter hole machining

  • Full optimization on the accuracy of A, B Axis
  • Minimum indexing angle 0.0001° to achieve the world leading level
  • The machining accuracy double increased for lifter hole machining
  • Make sure the position accuracy of inlet and outlet within 0.05mm
Drilling capacityGun drill machining hole diameter mm3~50
Ejector drill machining hole diametermm18~65
Maximum drilling depth in gun drill operation mm1500+550
Maximum drilling depth in ejector drill operationmm1000
Tapping capacity -M36×4
Milling capacitycc/min400
Traveltable horizontal(X)mm3000
Vertical travel (Y)mm1500
Column horizontal (Z)mm800
Ram tilting angle (A)-15°,25°
Spindle center to table top mm 0~1500
Distance from table center to spindle nosemm630~1430
Spindle Spindle bore taper-BT50
Max. spindle speedrpm4000
Speed X / Y / Z / W Rapid traverse rate8
Ram maximum tilting speed (A) 215
Table maximum rotation speed (B) 2
power Spindle motor kW 15/18.5(15min)
X axis servo motorN·m36
Y axis servo motorN·m27
Z axis servo motorN·m27
W axis servo motorN·m27
A axis servo motorN·m20
B axis servo motorN·m36
Total Power RequirementkW64
CNC indexing worktable Max. loading capacityton30
Size (Length x Width)mm400×1800
Coolant systemCoolant pressure (gun drill)MPa2~11
Coolant pressure (ejector drill)MPa1.0~2.0
Rate of flow (gun drill)L/min6~140
Rate of flow (ejector drill) L/min40~163
Size & WeightFloor space require (L x W)mm9390×7880
Machine. heightmm4580
Machine weightton40
CNC system-

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