Leaders Speak: Mr.Richard , President, EXCETEK

September 26, 2019

Q:Your opinion on the Indian mould industry.

India’s population and economic growth will have a good domestic demand market. The manufacturing industry will develop rapidly in Asia. The 3Cindustry and automobiles will continue to increase investment in manufacturing and accelerate the growth of the Indian mould industry in the medium and long term.

Q: Please tell us about your solution and how it helps end users (tool vendors) to enhance productivity and efficiency?

This technical seminar released three new technologies to improve production efficiency:

  1. EDM new APC wafers increase the discharge efficiency of graphite to steel by 30% and shorten processing time.
  2. Wire cutting machine introduces a new generation
    of system software to enhance the precision of small
    corners and shape control, which can achieve precision
    stamping die manufacturing.
  3. The introduction of a new generation of discharge wafers can prevent wire breakage in multi-angle or complex workpieces, and can be processed at higher processing speeds, increasing machining speed by 10%.
  4. The E-Link system provides complete machine information for the IOT to assist the customer in analysing to improve the utilisation rate.

Q: What is the recent technological development in the EDM market segment?

Automated engineering solution, using one-to-two multi-electrode and multi-workpiece exchange system, can provide long-time processing, saving labour costs and improving machining accuracy.

Q: There are talks about smart technologies like machines that can produce data and help users in making better decisions. Are you working on such solutions?

Each EXCETEK Wire cut EDM device can be connected to the network and transfer production data such as utilisation rate, consumables, maintenance, alarms, etc. to management software such as i-Direct systems, or via OPC UA communication. It is transmitted to he customer’s information system for analysis and management.

The processing program can also be transferred to each machine through the scheduling software to help customers make the best arrangements in mould production management.

Automated Die Sinking EDM achieves longer unmanned processing by automatically exchanging workpieces and automatically exchanging electrode warehouses. Wire Cut EDM can also pick and place workpieces through robotic arms, automatically eliminate waste materials, etc.
to achieve long-term processing and reduce manpower.

Q: What are the current demand trends you see in the Indian mould industry?

Made in India’s policy guides all investments in the 3C industry, and the automobile and motorcycle industry manufacturers accelerated investment. In particular, 3C product changes are more time-to-market, so CAD/CAM automatic mould removal systems are multi-processed to reduce mould manufacturing days. More intelligent machines and IOTs can accelerate the goal of achieving this.

Q: Your views on Indian die mould industry. It is said that the industry is growing rapidly, do you think it will have positive impact on EDM suppliers as well?

Die Sinking EDM and Wire Cut EDM are the two technologies that are necessary for mould manufacturing. The growth of the Indian mould industry
is an important kinetic energy for EDM suppliers and the most important market after China.

Q: How the recent slowdown in Indian automotive industry is impacting you and die mould industry in general?

I highly respect the Indian government’s efforts to save energy and reduce carbon emissions to protect the planet from warming. This policy has caused the automobile consumption market to stagnate in the short term, but it is also necessary to develop a new generation of automobile engines, gearboxes and other moulds. The launch of a new generation of steam locomotives will also stimulate the development of the mould manufacturing industry.

Electric and electric vehicles, from fuel engines to electric motors, require new die-casting moulds and motor steel stamping dies, which are new opportunities for Wire Cut EDM.

Q: As far as you know, how tool and mould manufacturers
can improve efficiency

The machine tool factory should cooperate more closely with the mould manufacturer, from the processing application technology and the CAM can optimize the suitable processing parameters to improve the efficiency of the single machine. In the case of entering industry 4.0, the machine tool manufacturers can customize. Mould makers visualize and help optimise production processes and improve efficiency with a lean management spirit.

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