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KENOVA set line V9xx

Ease of use coupled with maximum precision. This range is modern, ergonomically designed and unique in its design. With its mineral cast base, cast in one piece from the guideway to the floor, KELCH is setting new

benchmarks in the design of tool presetters. This design promises durable and consistent mechanical KELCH quality.

Technical Data

  • Construction:
    Fully-CNC tool presetter
    Thermally stable and vibration-damped mineral cast composite base
    Excellent load-bearing capacity and stability
  • Drive:
    3 axes, CNC
    Optional: 4th axis for automatic length adjustment
  • Cutting edge scanning:
    CCD camera with telecentric lens and top light
    Optional: optical turning centre measuring equipment
    S-camera for tool grinders
    Probe for cutting edges difficult to access
  • Electronic measurement equipment:
    PC electronics with intelligent image processing
    24” TFT monitor, 10” monitor on camera carrier (optional)
  • Tool holder:
    Modular precision CNC spindle
    Inserts for all common tool holders
  • Measuring ranges:
    X = -50 to 530 / 830 / 1030 mm (ø)
    Z = 600 / 800 / 1000 / 1200 mm


Precise shrinking and setting in one unit.

Shrink grip and shrink release, measurement and presetting – the KENOVA set line V9xx-S offers all this and more. A tool presetter combined with an inductive shrink fit device

Dynamic and flexibility in one.

KENOVA set line V9xx-S combines the KENOVA set line V9xx tool presetter and the i-tec® XL shrink fit device to create an automatic station. The KENOVA set line V9xx-S enables tools to be perfectly measured, preset and simultaneously shrunk on one device. A unique feature of the dynamic shrink fit process is the fact that tools can be very quickly shrunk and adjusted to the required target dimension.
Dynamic presetting
In the phase in which the chuck is opened by warming, the tool is set exactly to its target length fully automatically. The benefits of this process include the short cycle times and the option of changing the tool in a single cycle. Naturally chucks from different “quality manufacturers” can also be used here.
If measurements are necessary, which do not permit setting during the expansion phase of the chuck, the length of the shank tool is determined using setting adaptors prior to heating. The tool is finally shrunk to its target length using intelligent calculation and pre-positioning of the setting pins. This process is mainly designed for complex measuring tasks or for HSS tools.

One-hand operation

The selective quick adjustment of the axes has always been standard at KELCH. The slide clamp can be released quickly and easily and the cutting edge comes into focus.

Precise optics

Telecentric measuring lens for maximum precision.
Optionally laser pointer integrated in the camera arm for
visual determination of the cutting edge.

Control panel

All operating elements integrated: spindle clamp,
tool clamping system and joystick to move the axes.

Tool identification

Automated and error-free importing and exporting of tool data.

Shrink coil in action

Position of the shrink coil during shrinking.

Shrink fit equipment

The accessories are ergonomically positioned in
front of the shrink fit equipment with the coil.

Side unit

Compact design with various storage options.

Worktop of side unit

Cooling sockets and inserts with tools and
setting pins ergonomically arranged.

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