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5 Axis long-travel moving column machining center

  • 5D profile processing expert.
  • Meet modern flexible processing needs.
  • High precision 2-axis head and 5-axis control axis.


The PCD5D model has capability CNC machining center functions of milling, drilling and tapping.

  • PRATIC uses International 5 axis CNC controller system for this model.
  • Machining for various length of metal profile, such as aluminum, steel, copper, etc With a high precision 5 axis head.

  • High performance A/C axis with multi-angle, multi-azimuth, multi-angle processing, to meet different processing needs.

  • The auto chip conveyor is a standard configuration which makes it easier for chip cleaning.

  • The PCD5D model is widely use in processing multi-angle and special-shaped metal parts in automotive vehicles, machinery manufacturing and other metal machining needs.

Advanced 5-axis processing to meet the multi-angle, multi-direction processing needs

The powerful 5-axis processing is built for meeting the special-shaped, multi-faceted machining, it achieves the A-axis continuous rotation of ±120° and the C-axis continuous rotation of ±245°, to perform the work on the upper side and on all the lateral sides of the profile.


High performance and high speed electro spindle enables heavy-duty machining workpieces

The 24000 rpm high speed electro spindle with stable dynamic balance, equipped with HSK-F63 toolholder allows even heavy-duty machining to be run with optimal results in terms of accuracy.

Top-class numerical control system with high processing stability 

  • The Siemens SINUMERIK 828D 5-axis system is equipped.
  • With powerful functions and full-level data transmission.
  • Adopts a modular and open architecture design with high scalability.

  • Achieves almost all machining applications.

Casting iron bed with strong shock absorption capacity and high physical stability

The worktable and machine bed are one-piece casing iron molded, undergo a perfect heat treatment process to eliminate residual stress, with sufficient reinforcement plates and three rows of supporting feet ensures the gravity rigidity.

Double-arm movable column structure ensures the high rigidity and precision

The intensified double-arm column structure spreads extra mechanical
force from the spindle portal, providing 
exceptional stability for entire machine tool, reducing vibration effects when the machine is at high-speed machining.

5 Axis Car Luggage Processing

X Axis mm 4000 / 6000
Y Axis mm 1200 (3-axis)/800 (4-axis)
Z Axis mm 550
A Axis /±120°
C Axis /±245°
Size (Length*Width) mm4000x1200 / 6000x1200
Max.load kg/m2 3800
T-slot (Number/Width/Center distance) mm6/18/200
Power kW10
Max. speed rpm24000
Taper /HSK-F63
Feed rates
Rapid on X/Y/Z m/min 40/30/20
X/Y/Z Cutting Feed Rate m/min 15
Tool Magazine
Type/Bamboo hat type
Capacitypcs. 20
Tool-to-tool time sec6
Machine Height mm3600
Covering Area mm 9300*3500 / 11300*3500
Machine Weight kg21000 / 24000

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