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M16 CNC Vertical Threading Drilling Machine

  • R32091516 is a classic mode with more than 15 years in metal working, 1.2 kw servo motor ,which produced for tapping machine only, installs with planet gear together and is mounted on a articulated arm which maintains parallel motion steadily.
  • Adjustable torque helps reduce or eliminate tap breakage to save consume of tap, forward and reverse with independent tap speed governors for each turning way improved efficiency.
  • R32091516 TAIPU electric tapping arm is able to quickly and easily tap all the holes in the extrusion in much less time than it would have taken in their expensive CNC, more than thousands user all over the world proved that it will be dramatically increasing efficiency while cutting machine time in half and time is money.
  • Choice of TAIPU allows you to precisely choose the perfect arm for your application in your workmanship

Main Features of 32091516 (TP915-16A)

  • Net weight of machine is 20 kgs which can be easily relocated in the work piece, the most convenient and easy operation model to keep perpendicularity. 
  • 1.2 kw power ensure tapping M16 in 250 rpm and drilling in 100 rpm, one machine for both drilling and tapping on one parts. 
  • Including depth setting in system without additional cost and efficiently to tap blind hole.
  • Height adjustable base from 40-60 mm which making more working radium. 
  • Easily setting and user-friendly operation without experience required. 

Standard Configuration

  • Machine:R32091516 arm, tapping head and NC operation box 
  • Collects:6 optional collets for DIN,ISO,JIS and ANSI standard 
  • Operation instruction in English

Optional Parts

  • φ19 Threading Die Holder with depth 50 mm 
  •  φ19 Chamfering/Reaming/Drilling Holder  
  • Heavy Working Table with 500 kgs loading capacity  
  • Magnet base PML-300 for installing machine on any iron/ steel surface
  • Magnet external spray lubricator 

Package Information:

  • Packed by sea worth non-fumigation wooden box 
  • Net weight: 21 kgs     Gross weight: 28 kgs 
  • Box size:  670*600*240 mm 
Working radius reach 1300 mm ( C 51 inch)
Height reach 1200 mm (F+G+H 47 inch)
Capacity from M8 to M42 (1/4-1 7/8 inch)
Adjustable torque 600 N.m (450 ft/lbs)
Stable speed 0-30/0-100 RPM
Quick-change chuck Φ48 mm
Power of motor single phase 220 Voltage 1.5 kw

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