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DRO Milling Machine Square Head S&T PM-450

  • Meehanite casting with annealing and stress relieving treatment.
  • Dovetail on both axis
  • Turcite – B coated on x and y ways.
  • Spindle is made from SCM-415 with tempering treatment and precise ground.
  • Precision angular contact bearing, P47210 for high accuracy and heavy duty cutting.
  • Hardened and ground on the xyz slidways and table T-slot.
  • The One piece back gear housing with bearing is finish bored into the housing after installation, providing
    the best alignment for quieter and more efficient operation.
  • Centralized one shot lubrication system for ways, nuts and lead screws.
  • Bearing support to the end of the motor.
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MODEL                                                  PM-450

HEAD                                                     16 Steps

MOTOR                                                  3HP

SPINDLE SPEED                                  50HZ: Low 66~270

                                                                High 550~3750

                                                                60HZ: Low 80~325

                                                                High 500~4500

QUILL TRAVEL                                     127mm


  • Drawbar
  • Tool Box with Tool
  • Way Chip Protectors


  • Power Feed for X Axis
  • Power Feed for Y Axis
  • Rapid Motor for Knee
  • Elevation
  • Halogen Worklight
  • Cooling Pump System
  • Gear type feed in X Axis
  • Gear type feed in Y Axis
  • Chip Tray
  • Halogen Worklight
  • Electric control box with
  • Operation panel
  • Digital read our systems
Table 1370 x 254 mm
T-Siot (width x number x distance} 16x3 x63.5
Rapid Feed Rate890 mm/min
Longitudinal 915mm
Cross 406mm
Vertical 406mm
Spindle Travel 127mm
Arm Travel570mm
Taper R8 or NT30#
Spindle Nose to Table Surface 80-466 mm
spindle center to column140-660mm
Spindle speed
Step Head
Low Range - Low : 60, 95, 150, 225 High : 535, 825, 1320, 1930
High Range -Low : 120, 195, 305, 450, High 1055, 1640, 2620, 3820
Spindle speed -
Quill Feeds Per Rev. of Spindle 0.04-0.08-0 .15 mm
Dia.of Quill ø86
Spindle Motor 1.5KW 3PH or 2.2KW 3PH
Swivel Angle to Right & Left 90o
Swivel Angle to Front & Back 45o
Approximate Net Weight950kgs

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